The Journey Ahead

My Story:

A good friend of mine inspired me last year (2014) to travel to Thailand to see the culture, experience the country, and most of all love the food. My voyage taught me that there are many things that are amazing about this country, and some cautionary tales to tell as well.

Well, here I am starting what hopes to be the first step in making a new dream of my life’s next adventure a reality. It feels like I’m floating along in limbo trying to decide whether or not to make the leap. It is said that …

A journey of a thousand miles, kilometers in my case, starts with but one step.

I’ve declared that my ultimate vision and goal is to be in Thailand, so today I am starting to fulfill my journey’s realization.

So what’s the point of this blog? Well, it’s to accompany me along the challenges and successes on the road ahead toward living and realizing my dream’s actual reality!